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'There's No Such Thing As There Is No Way...You Find A Way!'

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Follow up from Bodybuilding past article!

So it's been a long time since the early bodybuilding days I lived, but I'm still doing it and will forever, just like Arnold and FrankZane, and Rachel Mclish, Lenda Murry, etc! Till the end of time. So just thought I'd give u an insight into how I evolved after 1998 which was my last show before i did a stage attempt in another category in 2003.  Then no stage till I changed categories again to physique in 2011. Im very confident had i not halted my bodybuilding stage career I'd have surely eventually been on the Olympia stage. But it is what it is. Life threw me a cuve ball and for a while, I was just hanging on so I could keep it a life.  And thank God I succeeded!  The realization of many things led me on a self discovery journey that has provided me with infinite wisdom I'm eventually going to share. I'm very grateful and so excited about it! 

My career continued in terms of being a bodybuilder training and using my physique for my career by personal training, modelling and enteraining. Having goals kept me motivated and in shape! Then I restarted competing in the women's Physique Category over the last 5 years. I am once again going to exit the bodybuilding/physique competitive stage, but will 100% remain active as a pro bodybuilder and private trainer and model, training until the end of time. My passion and health and fitness/bodybuilding career are as rooted in me as my head is attached to my body! 

So in following up on my first post about my past bodybuilding career, heres some photos to continue on from then until now! 

     The above first photo was in 2013 IFBB pro womens physique in Culver city.

     The photo below was Night of Champions 1st Figure pro show in 2003

The third photo was done by Robert Kennedy who started the infamous magazine 'MUSCLEMAG'. Done in Toronto ont, Canada! 

The 3rd photo was 2011 Toronto Pro womens Physique by Genex! 

The 4th photo was 2015 Ferrigno Pro Womens Physique photographer listed!  

The fifth photo is my latest photo shoot with the rare SUPERMOON For real!! Doing some artictic creative body shots. Photo by Scott Dial!! 


Sports Jersey Wearing For Ryan! 


Remember this! Heres a collage of some past jerseys gifted to me!  After recieving these, I thought what a great idea it would be (time permitting ofcourse), to wear anything of yours from your fav pro sports team, or your team!  SO, below is Ryan Michanczyk's request to wear his jersey fulfilled!  

Ryans fav team is the GIANTS, and the jersey was one of his personal fav team!  And he says I'm a personal fav of his since he loves sports, athletes, and gals that are in uber shape/Female Bodybuilders! Ryan has been a huge supporter of me for years! 

Thanks so much for your support Ryan and I hope you enjoy the photos! Muah! xo




NOV 20, 2015 Womens Physique Competition Post! 

Respecting Wayne Dyer, My Spiritual Teacher! RE RIP (We are all sure you have this part hands down! :)) 

This Blog entry is to share My respect & gratitude to Wayne Dyer, My Spiritual mentor/life enlightener, higher conciousness enabler, and more! In fact I called him 'MY GOD!'  For real!  I'm guessing he would dismiss this as he was way too humble and equal to agree to such a role. But for Me, he was the next best thing to 'God' as many of us know it. 

Mr Dyer affected my entire life! And he always will!! Unknown to most, him and his teachings were and are a huge part of Me and where i'm going in the rest of my life. It was one of my missions on my LIST OF THINGS TO ACCOMPLISH to meet Wayne Dyer in person! (As you can see from the sticky note attached to my wall).  I had so much to tell him. Sigh.

      For those who know in any depth Dr Wayne Dyers life and talents, you know what I mean so far. For others, you may be wondering why I'm so emotional regarding a man I never met before. I even cried, straight from my gut and heart... An automatic reaction, and almost immediately when I learned of the news of his passing! I was shocked at my reaction, yet I was not, and what I already knew about the reasons he touched my life, became as clear as the day and stronger!  Another awakening perhaps. ;) Definitely a knowing that there's not a 'particle' of doubt that something I must do on this earth must be done.  Was I perhaps delegated among the Universe's source or creator to do a certain task? Or am i a bit caught up in fantastical mind creation? As Wayne would say, with intention we create alignments. While on a visiting trip to California some years ago, I accidentely overheard Dr wayne Dyer speaking his excuses begone paradigm on PBS which was playing in my hotel room as i was beautifying in the bathroom. teehee!  I happened to catch it from the beginning and I sat down , 'I said just for a minute,  to listen to this interesting man making magnificent sense. I was hypnotized by the whole thing and didnt move thru out the whole show! The impact on me wasnt really anything i didnt already know! It was like he reminded me of so many things I had forgotten and lost touch with. AND interestingly enough, at that point in my life,  I had just understood that I thought different than really almost anybody around me. And i seemed to be often facing situations where I was helping people! But I didnt undertand any of it or why and didn't know anybody else who could relate to my 'weirdness' I sometimes thought, except a few of my closest people in my life.  I just wanted to find someone to talk to! The state was overwhelmingly finding occassions for me to see it and deal with it! Then he spoke! And I heard!!! I had a 'realization' right then and there i called them. Enlightenment or awakening is the term i think Wayne and hayhouse would use!? This was the beginning of me finding my way to pass on my messages. From that moment on, I became obsessed with this man. In a healthy way, craving to learn and understand more. And he provided a comfort and knowing that everything was and will be ok! So pure, so brilliant and gifted, so kind! I would say the kindest man among all humans who lived in this world, that i know of!

So to finish this blog entry, I Thank you Mr Wayne Dyer for reminding Me of how much good and possibility there is in this life if I participate with what My heart tells me!  If i could count the times I would listen to you, and ALWAYS, I was left with a calm, content , enlightened inspiration, knowing that everything really is going to be ok! I will pass on your gifts and add my own too, because you have provided me some means to do so confidently!  To everyone, lets make ALL good as we can because life throws at as so many expected and unexpected circumstances. Let's make it a chance to be creative to make it a positive and true outcome! I believe it's that simple! xo

Peace, Love & Happiness!  

RhondaLee Quaresma XO



Watch on Tv for a quick peek, Myself, RhondaLee supporting My friend Blondie! Coming Soon! 


     And regarding the title to this blog entry, realize its not a major motion picture or anything teehee! You shall see! Blondie and I met doing a work related project, and realized personally we had much in common including our love for dolls! Her Barbie more so, myself bratz dolls! Then while getting to know my new friend, realized she really is a living doll!

     And if you do decide to watch us girls on the E channel,  take the whole episode with a lil grain of salt! If you all havent figured it out, I don't take things too seriously EXCEPT when they should be! So enjoy, I had a fun experience and supported my friend! xo ;)

Peace, Love & Happiness,

RhondaLee Quaresma! xo