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Thanks again for all my gifts!! 

Thank you so much to the following peeps for my amazing gifts!  You are simply the best and I love and appreciate you all!! xo

Jim M- Boston, MA - hard drive, (Thanks, now my computer stuff is safely backed up) care package with various work essentials, some sexy clothes & more! -  Syracuse, NY - Magic bullet, (now shakes are splendid!, Thanks!) sponsorship& more.U r def a consistent gift giver!!


Dennis Parrish- - Thanks for Beautiful art work of a photo he drew of me, and for the actul original!! - New York, NY - contribution $300 Thanks for another gift Gregg. Can never go wrong with cash!

Lou - Winnipeg, MA Wolfords Stay hip pantyhose Thanks for the high end panyhose hip style! Editing my next photo/video shoot with wearing these in it!

Kelly-Amazon gift card $100- Thanks for this, another gift that is so flexible !

Anonymous- sponsorships - ALWAYS love and appreciate gifts!

Trinadad -  sexy red stilletoes & i understand more gifts on the way!

AND HERE'S A PHOTO FOR YOU GUYS! Muah! Keep spoiling Me!! xoxo

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AND THANKS for the great TAN from LA TANNING

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Had so much fun here!  Promoter WOS put on this event on the Venice Beach boardwalk.  You will know it as the infamous 'Muscle Beach!'  I met the promoters, Kristel and Jake Wood! So cool and nice.  If I understand correctly they have offered their ability to save women's bodybuilding in the IFBB by putting up the money to do so, as well as offering good prize money to the athletes!  The Ms Olympia was recently discontinued by the IFBB.          This event comprised of 'the muscle mansion' girls, created an atmosphere of camaradie amoung us women. Something lacking amoungst the bodybuilding women in the past. The girls, Alina Popa, Isabella Turell,  Hella Trevino and Margie Martin, and the infamous Lenda Murray! All these women incredible bodybuilders!  I went with my friend and IFBB pro Michelle Brent.  Lovely that we were invited to join the hardcore training party in the pit while there!  She joined the main girls of event enthusiastically,  and Lenda Murry (8 X Ms O, mentor, WOS promoter, and great ambassador for the sport), summoned me to join as well.  OMG So flattered to have Lenda's approval!!  But I wanted to support as an IFBB pro team mate and let the  gals enjoy their spotlight. I totally enjoyed watchng! I also met Brian, WOS,  their bro and marketer, great vibe, and was wonderful meeting onlookers and fans of all of us girls.  

     The Peurto Rico ifbb pro show is this weekend May 28, 2016, AND also put on by WOS! 2 of the ladies Michelle and Isabelle are competing.  Whats so especially impressive about Michelle,  is not only her positive attitude in the world of bodybuildng, but that she is 58 years old, and is STILL competing! Not to mention with a set of biceps many would die for!  And in regards to Isabelle,  is her young incredible physique, clearly an up and coming bodybuilding star!

      In regards to pro bodybuilding as a whole, Hopefully there will be more such events with many different pro athletes being showcased in addition to the above mentioned, with WOS! It helps involve the general public and athletes together.  It would be a nice idea if all the pros were informed and kept in the loop at the same time regarding what goes on overall in this sport. A monthly newslettter, meetings, etc.  knowledge creates Power. I think it would help. ;)

     Was great to meet everyone here! Good luck to EVERYONE this weekend in Peurto Rico! xo

Thanks to Bill Dobbins for these shots I posted, our loyal Female Blodybuilding Photographer! 

Peace, Love & Happiness,

RhndaLee Quaresma XO




This is written on behalf of all Barbie Lovers everywhere like Myself, and from some inspiration from 2 very special people I know!  Paul, one of my best friends since childhood who is a true Barbie collector for years,  along with one of my more recent best friends, but for sure forever,  Blondie who is as true a living version of Barbie as you can get!)


     This subject is actually something that has bothered me for a long time beginning with Barbie's first changes I witnessed some years back. But after seeing the cover of Time Magazine and stumbling upon A story done by PBS covering Mattel's new Barbie dolls, well, I'm not happy and disagree with what I've so far come to know about this situation. I'm not upset with the decisions  to add more and different Barbie dolls, but with changing the original or past Barbie! Here is my view point,  and I do believe I speak for many! I feel so strongly about this new Barbie issue that I HAD TO write about it and share publicly!

      'NOW CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BODY'? was the cover title on 'Time' magazine.  And my response is NO WE CAN NOT!  Because as far as I'm concerned, a whole other can of worms was just opened to a whole new group of people!  I'm sure Barbie would not want anything to do with worms! ;)

 Ok, so here are My concerns:  


     Barbie is a DOLL!!  She's not a real human! When I was a little girl, I remember quite clearly being aware that she was for play! A pretend life. Make it up as you go! And Barbie made Me feel fantastic! My fav doll to play with. If She was real, this is what I got from her: feminine, pretty, smart, warm, a nice girl, and definitely a role model! Barbie wasn't the pretty girl that was the nasty popular girl (but who's judging!?).  She was the pretty popular girl that was also super nice! And she WAS realistic, because she was a dam doll! She was every little girls superhero. Why is it women get the ostracising from society over looks! Haven't heard tell of downplaying Superman for being too masculine or having too big muscles, pecs and biceps! Oh and PLEASE don't do this! Haaaa.


     So now you shame on Barbie, and replace her with today's new version, whatever that means Exactly! Its all over the spectrum!  Ok I get it. You are trying to represent every different look there is to give a correct self image to children. Well, kids are way smarter than you give them credit for one thing.  Did I mention the point about Barbie being a doll!? Oh yes, I did. And for another, you just did what you are saying should not be done....YOU JUDGED BASED ON LOOKS!!! 

   CONCERN #3:

     Barbie and her Boobs!  Now don't even get Me started here! Oooops, too late. And I'm late addressing this actually! I can't remember exactly when it was, but all I do remember and I remember it well, is the transformation of Barbie,  specifically targeted at her breasts. Her whole image was down played! Like Barbie had been some BAD person! So annoying and disappointing at the least. I couldn't look at Barbie for a long while after that because I would get frustrated and even a bit angry.  I did find my emotional ties to this'doll' a bit odd, so I did as I do and went inside my mind to try to pinpoint where this emotion was sparked from. I take pride in being very honest with myself and sometimes that ole subconcious has to be confronted. Anyhow, this was my 'realization' as I call them.

     I remember Barbie as my fav doll with hour glass figure. In my playtime talk, I was learning and going through the emotions of becoming a woman. Yes I thought as i would change Barbie's fashion attire and see her naked, that I wanted to look like that, but it never once was more than that thought, because THIS is BARBIE and she IS a DOLL! I may have mentioned this before! ;) But WAIT! It gets better! My wonderful, beautiful, voluptuous Mother! Full of curves and breasts that could shame some of the biggest today! And they were natural and hers!! As were Barbie's!  Women grow breasts! Some big, some small!! Perhaps following My mother's genetics, as I went into puberty, I at 16 years old was a 36D!!! I was not even aware what I had. I see looking back now. But wow I can't imagine if I was suddenly told I was wrong for looking a certain way (having breasts which range is size for women naturally), and then had to down dress because I'm misrepresenting girls!  My parents never let me go out not being dressed properly and like a girl  So what I'm perceiving in all of this is hypocrisy! Let people be who they are! And for those who use protesting regarding Barbie overboard, here's just some friendly advice... look at YOUR own subconscious!  If you have issue with YOURSELF don't attack others! Work on YOURSELF!

   CONCERN #4:

      How people eat, or don't know how to eat! Ummm just to make something absolutely clear! I believe I never judge anybody! So just understand me saying the next statements are not based on that,  but are based on solid facts I've lived and learned.

      Ok, so the new Barbie is heavier set and curvier, which again I think is Fantastic!  IF it's how that person wants to be.  My understanding is Barbie is again changed based on the average girl and that Barbie is too thin and not realistic. Well guess what, Barbie is healthy! The reason so many people are fat/obese  (and there is a percentage of bodyfat  that determines this state in health and medicene), today is because they are uneducated in the area of health and nutrition, and point blank lazy!! So by promoting the heavier set overweight Barbie, you could be encouraging what kills countless people every year and causes probably just as many illnesses! 

   CONCERN #5:

      Once again the Media influences to a brainwashing point,  what young women should think about how a certain girl looks or doesn't look. To a point it is of course healthy to care what others think and how you present yourself in public.  But usually it ends up with a youth doing what the peer pressure dictates and not what the young person wants them self! I believe this can lead to all kinds of negatives like insecurities, fears, not focusing in school, lack of leadership, unhappiness, and encourages bullying!!! Let's teach to embrace differences and at least not be negative or saying should's or shouldn'ts based on advertising! And no I'm not a psychologist, but I've lived my life and I stand by my perspectives and am all about helping people feel better about being people!


     I am not saying the heavier girl is wrong and Barbie is right, although that is my preference. It is to keep Barbie as the inspiration, and in the spotlight , as she was the leader and beginning of this type of doll generation. Be loyal and grateful and allow her look to be so that the message to young girls is 'Be who you want to be and let others do the same!  And leave her glam and unique, busty, etc, whatever!! And I'm all for including the average girl doll because to some other perceptions she quite possibly is the best one, but dont make one superior and inferior in opinion and marketing to the other.  Because again the message is NOT completely positive contrary to what the promoters are saying! 

     Barbie was my inspiration for the now Bratz Dolls I collect.  Their personality and look,  minus the muscles teehee, was just ME!  They saved my day. Gorgeous dolls!! And again positive influences for young girls! And I'm still a young girl at heart. Plus I was so frustrated with Barbie's switch to the 'Plain Jane' look in my eyes, that she just wasn't Barbie anymore!  I would have no problem accepting the change,  if it truly came from Barbie change based on just a change,  instead of biased and judgmental societal pressure!  Plus I like to be different! I didn't know anybody who collected Bratz,  and I felt Barbie was my friends territory for collecting etc. So brilliant Bratz came along! BUT guess what, ugh, SAME DEAL!!!! Bratz has been down played too! Whhyyy!?! :((.  Anyhow, that's a whole other story! Sigh.

     Thanks for reading and letting me share my thoughts. Again, I make no statements to tell people this is the way I say anything is and I'm right.  It's My opinion and you are free to take it or leave it. This internet age is after all, a great venting system at times! ;)



RhondaLee Quaresma  XO


























     Had to share this! It's time! I'm full of surprises aren't I! ;) Aside from my few plus hats I wear career wise that surprise people in their sheer contrast, and personally my music and dancing love and that I collect bratz dolls...if you haven't already figured it out by pure perception thru my writings etc., I'm very much into spirituality, energy, and deeper levels of consciousness. Its amazing i keep climbing up the ladder rungs, and exciting for something you can't see in tangible form right!?! I pray I continue upward. I'm sharing these thoughts not to brag or place myself above anybody, but to share this well described posting to explain and show that anybody can be there! Why would you want to be? Because you will be happy happy if you aren't already and if it's what you truly want for the most part! It seems so simple, and it is! It's also true! Ever hear the saying, 'The truth will set you free!?' I have much inside me to share with you soon! :) XO

Higher Self

A oneness with all around you
A knowingness of all that is within you
Sit within the quietness of time, link with the part of you that is your true being
Bring forth your inner wisdom and your inner knowledge
It is a place of beauty and serenity
A place that is there for you to attain when you are ready
A place shall we say where your two minds meet
A place where one mind can ask and the other mind can answer
We are all part of the great spirit
Therefore the answers you recieve from your higher self will always be for the goodness of your soul

Whatever answers you are searching for are within you
Go deep within yourself
Learn the art of listening without hearing, learn the art of feeling without touching
The beauty of the higher self is that it is always with you wherever you go
Awaiting your call to re-unite and be at one with your earthly soul
Perhaps for just a brief moment or perhaps a while longer

Let your mind grow and walk within you
Let it reach out to the hidden knowledge within you
The knowledge that you have carried with you since the beginning of your journey
We will guide, but remember we are as one
The higher self is but a part of you that is waiting to be rediscovered by yourself
Be truly at one with yourself
Open your heart, open your mind
Trust in your own ability to unite and be at one within yourself , you are part of the great divine spirit of love
You hold the key to your own learning
Believe, trust and go within
Your true power awaits you
That which we call the Higher Self

© Susan Williams - 9/3/04